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The Fyndeal Local Directory is best experienced using our awesome mobile app - Fynda-M

Scan to download the app for Android or iPhone

In addition to an enhanced map that displays any deals, events or offers in your area, it interracts with various triggers that make locals and visitors alike aware of your products and convert them from walk-bys to customers.

  • Geo-Fences

When used in conjunction with our Fynda Mobile App, whenever a user enters an area set on our platfrom, YOUR business' marketing information is automatically delivered to their mobile device.

These areas can range from a few meters to city-wide.

If your business has an ongoing promotion, this technology can make people aware even around the corner or across the city from you.

Available from only 150THB per month


  • Beacons

We use a variety of Bluetooth enabled beacons that will trigger relevant, very localised information to customers' mobile devices.  This can be used for many purposes including:

              • Menu Delivery
              • Point of Interest infomation
              • Multimedia presentation
              • Product specific information (for electronics, clothes, treatments etc.

Available from only 300THB per month


  • QR Codes

We employ our own QR code application that can generate QR codes, with YOUR LOGO, to provide contact free customer engagement in this time of Covid (and beyond).

Again, using our industry leading platform, we can use these codes to deliver content, direct customers to websites, Social Media pages, a customer survey form or even your very own in-store loyalty program (available from Fyndeal).

Available from only 150THB per month


  • Wi-Fi Trigger 

If you run a coffee-shop, restaurant, bar or even a salon, you'll know and appreciate that customers today expect and anticipate that you will be poffering free Wi-Fi access as part of their customer experience in your establishment.

Our state-of-the-art platform is even able to use your existing Wi-Fi access pojnt(s) to trigger bespoke content delivery to your customers, before they even log on!

Imagine a customer emtering and being offered the choice of a menu, to join your loyalty program or to be shown the offer fo the day, before they even sit down?

How's that for service?

Available from only 300THB per month


Fyndeal for Spa/Salon  Thai

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Fyndeal for Bars/Cafes/Restaurants Thai

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