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    ForGetMeNot img 5

    Good coffee☕ Cute decoration coffee shop. Recommended ????

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    Simon WDG img 5

    The best Baresto in Lamphang I have found. Loves his craft. A simple coffee bar where the coffees are more important than the decor. Drip or hand pressed espresso are available

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    Pisan Jariyasettachok img 5

    If you have an opportunity to visit Lampang, this is the place that you should stop by an enjoy the moment of the aromatic which provided by the mastery level baristas. I has order the coffee with ROK method which come out very nice. But I have tried some sip from his pour over method and it's extremely recommended. The coffee is sweet! (Never expect to have coffee with this flavor) without any special ingredient on it just pour over the hot water. The owner himself performed very talent experience skill of coffee making and have conversation to all customers with service mind.

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    Siriphong Wongsawad img 5

    Best Slow bar coffee.

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    Adisorn Aroonsangthong img 5

    Good coffee, 3 rounds to eat, 1-2 times, closes the third round, intends to go to other stores, and then I feel hurt. Closing every day. The first day has arrived. When I come here, I still close, hahahahaha. What today is it when I go to another shop and drive past? Oh, this is open. So you can try and stop by. It is worth it.