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    Siriporn N. img 5

    If u r looking for the original European cuisine by Dutch chef, do not hesitate to visit this place. Food and dessert are excellent at affordable prices! Seasonal menus for Christmas Eve are available to reserve! Can’t wait to have a homemade pizza!

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    Justin Ang img 5

    Amazing cafe and must-stop for anyone driving past Lampang! Food was Michelin grade at affordable prices and authentically cooked by a friendly Dutch chef. Highly recommended!

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    Kadas Shek img 4

    We went there and ordered the food from the menu. The ribs was very delicious!! To have a good ending of the meal, we asked the waitress if there were any ice cream for the kids as there was not such option from the menu. Out of our expectations they had their own home made ice cream. Kids had the chocolate chips ice-cream which was not as sweet as those we've got in Thailand. Like it sooooooo much!!

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    Hendrik boer img 5

    Exquisite dining at it best ! A stylish European decor, friendly staff and a professional service makes this restaurant a must visit. The menu is extensive - fresh and tasteful mainly European dishes. The restaurant serves alcohol, coffee and yummy deserts including their signature apple cake. So yes great please to enjoy a relaxing night at a very reasonable price ! Highly recommended

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    Trent Anderson img 5

    Put a fork in me, I’m done! Let’s start with the menu. A short 2 page food menu, 1 page beverage menu.... this is a sure sign everything is fresh and made to order and not frozen or mass produced. I ordered the house special which this week was a burger with the lot and small serving of fries on the side. Let’s break down the burger shall we? When I picked up the burger into my hands I knew instantly this was going to be a decent meal as the weight was equivalent to a double Big Mac burger (sorry to draw comparisons to a fast food joint). The 100 grams of freshly ground Australian beef was perfectly seasoned and cooked and served without excess juice running down my arm from my first bite. Fresh lettuce, tomato and ample amount of pickles made every bite juicy and added to the great taste. Sat at the bottom of the burger was a very well cooked egg which wasn’t runny so blended in perfectly with the balance of the burger. The sauce tasted like a homemade relish, mustard, tomato with sweet paprika and was a great addition to make a magic burger. This was all served between freshly baked whole-wheat buns topped with sesame seeds. For anyone that enjoys burgers you haven’t eaten a burger until you have tried this one. For desert I tried their freshly cooked apple pie served with vanilla ice cream. I almost fell into a good coma I was so full. The apple chunks were well seasoned with cinnamon and a nice firm consistency throughout each bite. It didn’t fall apart easily. The pasty was very very well made by someone who bakes with passion, it was nicely glazed, not too thin and not too thick... it was just right. A bite of the pasty by itself was a mouth orgasm. If you are a foodie like me then for sure this place is made to please the taste buds with every last bite. I’m a fan. I’ll be back to try more soon. Update November 2020. I started asking for the rack of ribs to be pulled from the bone and served with chips and Mr Sandor is very accomodating did it for me. 5/5 !