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Long Jim New York Pizza



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    John Kim img 4

    We had a large (14 inch) mushroom/pepperoni pizza, fried chicken legs with fries and the spicy spaghetti. First, the pizza. Definitely an American style, good amount of toppings, thick chewy crust but not greasy like a real NY pizza. Very tasty.. Second the fried chicken legs. They were tiny like baby chicken legs. I couldn't help feeling sorry while eating them. Very tasty. Lastly, spicy spaghetti. The portion size was half of what you would normally see in the U.S. My thai girlfriend ordered it and she said she really enjoyed it. Thai style. Very spicy. The service was prompt, and staffs were courteous. I just wished this place was in Chiang Mai where we live.

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    Monika K img 5

    Absolutely amazing pizza in Lampang. Great taste, delicious and nice staff

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    Doc Holliday img 2

    I have eaten pizza often in New York and I was disappointed. I ordered the Greek salad and was surprised that it was served without pepperocini. A little Greek style potato salad or anchovies would have helped it greatly to be flavorful. The cheese pizza crust was okay but the cheese was scant and the sauce was tasteless. My wife commented that Pizza Hut cheese pizza had more flavor. The spaghetti carbonara was made with ham that was a bit to salty for my taste but it was creamy. The service was good and the restaurant was clean.. Would I go back..no.

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    Larkin Crain img 5

    Absolutely amazing pizza. Worth a trip from Chiang Mai just for it. Great pepperoni pizza, but also lots of great pizza options.

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    David Unkovich img 5

    Excellent service and pizzas. Great location.