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Lampang River Lodge



img img img img img 4.3
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    Raj Palsingh img 5

    Beautiful hotel with old trees. Very charming and lovely. Works as a good stopover going from Bangkok to the North of Thailand or vice versa from the North Thailand back to Bangkok

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    Sorawit Wanitwarodom img 3

    The place is beautiful and the location is not bad. However, it is too humid during the rainy season. You can feel the damp from the bed and pillows which makes sleeping unpleasant. Perhaps it's better during summer and winter.

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    Tippi Lee img 5

    Very nice bungalows resort built in the middle of garden with plenty of big trees.

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    David Williams img 4

    The pros: such a beautiful garden with lots of birds, tropical plants and trees with flowers oh, plenty of places to sit and relax and visit. Beautiful oxbow lake filled with red and white Lotus flowers. Has a coffee shop and a restaurant open all day and through the evening. Plenty of free parking and free Wi-Fi. However the Wi-Fi signal was a little slow. They do have good TV and channel 29 monomax Blockbuster TV. The​ cons: breakfast is acceptable but not outstanding service at the restaurant is slow and unattentive. Rooms could be cleaner and more up-to-date of course they are a lana Style beautiful wood carvings but there just are not enough electrical outlets for things like telephone and computer charge cords no coffee cups or coffee in the room. Only two pillows and one extra one in the closet so it's definitely a three and a half star location with a five star Garden

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    Stephen E img 5

    Very nice resort hotel set in Lampang. The service is top notch, the rooms are pretty comfortable. The pool is nice as well. The food is of high quality.