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    YANGXIAO SUN img 5

    The boss lady here is very nice!! Unlike somebody else saying, if you are reasonable, communicated earlier for them to prepare. They are more than willing to help! I returned earlier than contracted, unlike other shops, they willing to return me extra rental fee which is not in the term! Recommend to everyone coming here :)

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    brandon Merry img 2

    Rented a scooter for 5 days, on the 3rd day the owner demanded it be returned.when the motorcycle was returned in good shape, the deposit(1000tbh) and 2 days rent (600tbh) were kept by the shop owner staying it was "the cost of changing the oil". Be aware if you plan to use this bike outside of traveling between your hotel and Big C the owner will not be happy.

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    Loly Channel img 5

    I get a lovely day rent ok one day.

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    Sanphet Sirivejabandhu img 4

    The price here is more expensive than Chiang Mai.

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    Aun Buddha img 2

    Convenient but with 1000 insurance fee Go to the motorcycle 300 service, insurance 1000 But if returning on time He returned the insurance. But like wanting to have a half-day loan We arrive at noon in the evening and one full night. Well, of course, I understand. But if I have an additional half-day loan service, this one should be 200.